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Delta RF Technology, Inc.,  in our fifteenth year of business, is the premier manufacturer of radio frequency pallet amplifiers and modules. We service the television, radio, communications, military markets and offer broadband, low and high power versions. We also offer accessories to assist in integration of these amplifiers including splitters, combiners, filters, control systems.

With our acquisition of Silicon Valley Power Amplifiers, we continue to service, support, and manufacture components for FM modules used by a variety of companies, including Harris, SCA, Continental - we are the OEM manufacturer for these components, and continue to repair all of these products. After the acquisition of SVPA, the entire FM integrated product line was properly engineered, and now introduced as the SCA series of FM amplifiers, available in 600W to 10000W using the latest generation of LDMOS technology and offering excellent efficiency and reliability.

Delta RF Technology is a vertically integrated manufacturer - manufacturing our Printed Circuit Boards, Metalwork, and Amplifiers in house. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America.  We offer over 200 standard products, and produce using our J-I-T manufacturing workflow and are able to offer the best leadtimes in the industry, typically offering our broadcast and commercial products from stock - 2 weeks. We also offer OEM assembly for RF Amplifiers and Systems.

Our integrated amplifiers are designed for commerical and military applications and offer broadband power over  the 0.4 MHz - 1.7 GHz frequency range in power levels up to 10kW.

Over 50% of our business are "product engineered" solutions - custom and semi custom pallet amplifiers, modules, and integrated systems customized for your needs. Please contact our expert sales force to discuss your requirements.
We are a one hour plane flight from: Las Vegas, NV; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA. We are approximately 4 hours by car from the San Francisco / San Jose Bay Area, CA. We are 30 minutes drive from Lake Tahoe.
You may contact us directly at the above address, or contact our worldwide sales locations below.
Our Design and Manufacturing center is located in Carson City, NV, USA:
Delta RF Technology, Inc.
Carson City, NV   89706
Phone +1.775.DELTA RF (335-8273)
Fax +1.775.335-8273
Fax +1.815 642 4924